Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tonepad another free tenori-on like app for iphone

whats fresh about this one is that u can flip, rotate, shift and shuffle patterns which allows to play in random mode

"TonePad is the easiest and most fun way to make music.
Discover the inner musician in you.
Create songs by simply touching the screen and seeing notes light up.
Share your unique creations with friends.

If you like Andre Michelle's ToneMatrix or the Tenori-On, then you will absolutely love this app.

TonePad features a clean minimalist user interface with a full 16x16 matrix.
The sound quality remains excellent regardless of how many notes are playing at the same time.

You can save an unlimited number of songs.
The current song is also saved automatically on exit.

Sharing your musical creations couldn't be simpler.
You simply press the Upload button and give your friend the song code.
Your friend then downloads the song directly into TonePad by pressing the Download button and entering that code."