Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

‪Tabletop - Sampling from turntable‬‏

Check out this sampling demonstration created using the Spinback, Recorder M2, and Gridlo

‪Introducing Tabletop for iPad‬‏

Retronyms has introduced Tabletop – a new virtual studio that turns an iPad into an expandable modular music environment, where you can mix and match different devices.
  • 15 unique Devices at launch
  • 300 sounds (multisample instruments, loops, phrases)
  • Record sequences, arrange into songs
  • Adjustable quantization (pre- and post-record)
  • Recordable parameter automation
  • Overdub and replace record modes
  • Trigger sequences and patterns live
  • Multitouch instruments and devices
  • Sampling (internal mic, line in)
  • Adjustable tempo
  • Import your own sound library, save presets
  • Support for imported .mid phrases
  • Insert and send/return (master) effects
  • Undo history
  • 44Khz, studio-quality audio
  • Sync 2 iPads running Tabletop or other apps with WIST
  • Import sounds from dozens of apps with AudioPaste
Tabletop comes with a basic set of modular devices, which will be expandable via in-app purchases.
Included devices:
  • Gridlok: Pad Sampler
  • M8RX: Tone Matrix
  • RS3: Polyphonic Stereo Keyboard
  • Mr. O: Master Output
  • Goblin MX8: 8-Channel Mixer
  • Spinback: Turntable Player
  • Recorder M2: All-Purpose Input Recorder
  • Filtr LP: Low-Pass Filter Effect
  • T101 – Triggerator: Sequence and Perform
Tabletop is available now for $4.99.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Line 6 Intros MIDI Mobilizer II For iPhone, iPad – With CoreMIDI

MIDI Mobilizer II Specifications:
  • Compatible with iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPhone (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS), iPad and iPad 2
  • Compatible with all MIDI devices with standard 5-pin DIN MIDI connections
  • MIDI In and Out signal-active LEDs
  • Connects to the 30-pin connector on the bottom of iPod touch, iPhone or iPad
  • MIDI In and Out on MIDI Mobilizer via 2.5mm TRS connections
  • Includes a pair of 5-foot, 2.5mm-to-5-pin DIN Planet Waves MIDI cables
  • Powered by iPod touch, iPhone or iPad — no batteries or power supply required
Making the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II CoreMIDI compatible makes a good product even better. This should build momentum for hardware MIDI support on iOS.

‪Addictive Synth‬‏

‪iRig MIDI Core MIDI interface for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad and SampleTank for iOS‬‏

‪duelingOP‬‏ by Deadmau5

IPlay Yamaha Electone C-35

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you Yamaha C-35 Electone born in 1979.

I just love it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little tune made on the OP-1

Right Note - ear training app for iPhone iPod with special features

A note from developer : "As developer that also plays the piano I wanted a good ear trainer for my iPod Touch. The problem was that none had a good melody dictation and lacked some crucial custom settings. So I made my own which after few months turned out to be good so i decided to put it on Appstore. Now it matured to version 1.2."

The main features are:
- 3 modes

--- interval recognition (with compound ones),

--- pitch recognition,

--- melody dictation
Right Note is also unique to have a well design melody dictation mode with settings like: note scale, note range, show first note, silent answering, random note length and other. It teaches the user to identify the melody he is hearing or has in his head. This is a big step to playing by ear and improvisation.
- highly customizable 

- mic recognition (new in version 1.2) so you can play using your instrument - which makes a big difference.
To complement this, Right Note introduced microphone recognition. Thanks to this the user can answer using a live instrument for all modes. This greatly enhances ear training, giving a more natural way of playing. The algorithm can recognize a wide range of notes for different instruments. Now the user can get the "feel" of an instrument and where each note is.

- train mode to get the "feeling", hearing random intervals/notes. Thanks to this you can, for example, get the hang what "flavor" a perfect fifth has or how a C sounds no matter what octave.  
- learning as much as possible from your mistakes. Instead of just jumping to the next question after a wrong answer (as in most ear trainers) you can:
- retry until you get it right, with no fear of loosing points
- skip and show the answer
- easily compare the question with your answers + all other possible answers for reference
- when your ready move to the next question

I tested this app and must say it really does the job well, user friendly and keeps u practising. 

Made for musicans not for fun ;) 
I liked to test my skills in melody dication, and tried it with guitar and mic recognition, worked really well. 
I u like these features then go for it!

check my old post on the subject, a lot has changed i guess 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reason 6

With version 6 Reason reclaims the spotlight. Combining all the features from Record, version 6 adds audio recording and editing into Reason, along with Propellerhead's acclaimed mixing console with masterfully modeled EQ and dynamics on every channel, multiple parallel racks, all the effects you know and love plus new ones to fall in love with, and much more of what you've always wanted in Reason.

midiPhon - iPhone modular synth

midiPhon is a modular software synthesizer, which allows you to build your own synthesizers from various modules.

* Modules
* Generator
* Generates waveforms according to settings and inputs.
* Continous frequency
* Frequency derived from controller input (notes, etc.)
* Each generator can generate multiple partials/harmonics.
* Waveforms
* Sine
* Square
* Triangle
* Sawtooth
* Noise
* Level
* Module inputs
* Envelope, 4 inputs (A, D, S, R) (set, add, multiply)
* Frequency modulation (set, add, multiply)
* Amplitude modulation (add, multiply)
* Module outputs
* L, R (audio)
* Mixer
* Process 2 inputs using following methods
* Add (mixing)
* Multiply
* Module inputs:
* Limit (set, add, multiply)
* Amplifier (set, add, multiply)
* L(2), R(2) (audio)
* Module Outputs:
* L(2), R(2) (audio)
* Delay
* Classic delay effect module.
* Module inputs
* L, R (audio)
* Number of repeats (set, add, multiply)
* Amplitude drop (set, add, multiply)
* Delay time (set, add, multiply)
* Module outputs
* L, R (audio)
* Filter
* Modes
* Low
* High
* Band
* Notch
* Peaking
* Low shelf
* High shelf
* Module inputs
* L, R (audio)
* Gain (set, add, multiply)
* Bandwidth or Q (set, add, multiply)
* Frequency (set, add, multiply)
* Built-in HTTP server for managing projects
* Sequencer
* Support for external control
* Line6 Midi Mobilizer
* Akai Synthstation
* Midi over network (ipMIDI)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

SoundPrism Pro 2

Audanika SoundPrism Pro 2

What’s New:
  • New Interface
  • Keyboard View
  • New Sound Engine
  • Fullscreen Mode (just shake your iOS device to activate)
  • New Sounds can be downloaded from the SoundPrism Pro Store
  • Retina Support
  • Multitasking Support
  • It’s faster, brighter, crisper, sounds better and we’re going to update it more often

‪Numark iDJ Live ‬‏


Sunday, July 3, 2011

iConnectMIDI not only for iOS

from kvraudio forum:
We all know the limitations of trying to drive receptor from multiple keyboards - 

You either need to: 

1.) Use a single USB keyboard, and a Midi Keyboard 
2.) Use an external Midi-Merger and multiple Midi keyboards merged 
3.) Daisy chain multiple Midi Keyboards 

Of course [2] and [3] are faced with Midi Latency issues, and don't take advantage of self-powering (like USB). 

Now there is a new option, and it is called "iConnectMidi" 

This device was primarily intended to give USB keyboard access to 'i' devices (like iPhones and iPads), however it also works standalone. 

The important thing here is that iConnectMidi knows how to combine multiple USB sources. Specifically, you can connect 7 USB-Midi instruments to a hub (any cheap multiport hub, or even a powered hub), and downstream the hub's uplink port to the iConnectMidi, which merges the USB signals into a single (16 channel) Midi Stream. 

For my setup, I connect a single Midi cable from the iConnectMidi to the Receptor, and viola - I now have 4 USB controllers hooked up to a Receptor. 

The iConnectMidi has multiple Midi ports, so you could even use it to merge MIDI inputs from a few (non-USB) MIDI controllers as well. 

I think this might be a 'missing link' from Receptor HW that we have been waiting for.

Keybd 1 USB  >---->|--------| 
Keybd 2 USB  >---->|Powered | 
Keybd 3 USB  >---->|   USB  | >---> iConnectMidi  >----> Receptor 
Keybd 4 USB  >---->|   Hub  |   (USB In)     (Midi Out)     (Midi In) 
Keybd 5 USB  >---->|--------| 
         (USB in ports)    (USB uplink)

KVR: Receptor's new best friend ...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Filnally SynthStation 2.0 arrives

Updated based upon user feedback, SynthStation v2.0 contains the most requested enhancements and capabilities from SynthStation enthusiasts everywhere and is now an even more powerful app for creating music on the go. Featuring CoreMIDI support, real-time recording, a customizable metronome, the ability to preview sounds in the sounds page and numerous stability improvements and bug fixes, SynthStation v2.0 is ready to produce whether you're using it directly on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or using it in combination with the powerful SynthStation25 (<--hyperlink to SynthStation25) portable controller. CoreMIDI Support: SynthStation v2.0 works with any CoreMIDI compatible device, meaning you can use it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as a synth module for your favorite controllers or integrate SynthStation v2.0 with your CoreMIDI compliant hardware and software sequencers. Real-time Recording: Now you can record in real-time as you improvise and create tracks directly on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or when using the versatile SynthStation25 portable controller. Customizable Metronome: More than just a time-keeping click track, SynthStation v2.0's all new metronome is now fully customizable, allowing you to set the volume and use any sound you desire. Sound-Preview Ribbon: Find the right sound faster with SynthStation v2.0's new sound-preview ribbon. This simple feature will streamline your portable music production and save you tons of time.

Palm Sounds: SynthStation 2.0 arrives