Thursday, April 22, 2010

Musical DNA for iphone, ipad

Musical DNA™ is a brand new musical instrument that lets you SEE and sculpt music visually -- using shapes, colors, and touch points on a circle. No musical training is needed to create and record stunning musical compositions!

This ground-breaking App provides a new way to fully discover and express your own musical creativity. Whether you’ve never played an instrument, or are already an advanced musician, Musical DNA enables you to play with music and sound in a more powerful way than ever before.

Get ready to join what will soon be the world’s largest band -- as you play, record, and SHARE your musical creations with friends around the world.

With Musical DNA, you’ll be able to play music instantly. See what sounds good to your ear, or explore the Musical DNA library of 26 “musical shapes”(containing chords used by the world’s best musicians and composers).

Capture your performances real-time with the App’s easy-to-use record functionality. Record a quick melody, sequence chord progressions, or write a multi-track song. This App supports it all with its dynamic and intuitive interface. Musical DNA turns your device into a powerful, mobile music studio!

You’ll be creating such great music that you’ll want to share it. Collaborate with other App users to trade riffs and even build songs together! Musical DNA can also generate videos of your recordings for you to watch online, share with friends, and post directly on Facebook and Twitter.

“Musical DNA represents the newest innovation in music technology. I believe Musical DNA is on the brink of changing the landscape of music education, recording, and production and also spreading the enjoyment and understanding of the musical experience to more people than ever before.” -- Matt Carter, Founder & President, Music Crossroads

With this new App, you can:

•SEE the music you create!

•Capture your musical ideas in a snap.

•Create, edit and save note and chord sequences.

•Build, arrange, and orchestrate multi-layered recordings.

•Play across nine octaves, using 24 different instrument sounds.

•Use the note and chord identification tool to see exactly what you’re playing.

•Collaborate with friends, and write songs together.

•Watch videos of your recordings online, or post them directly to Facebook and Twitter.

•Access the Musical DNA song library to see some of history’s greatest music! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aurora - ultimate Tenorion clone? - iphone version coming soon

In quest for the best tenorion clone we have new candidate this time serious one
Also coming for iphone and ipad.
some specs:

  • Create up to 32 patterns with seamless transitions.
  • Up to 14 layers (instruments) per pattern can be used.
  • Song creation of up to 199 patterns.
  • Choose between Basic and Advanced modes.
  • Many popular musical scales available.
  • Interchangeable instruments (drum kits, synthesizers and samplers).
  • Layer Automation, allows real-time manipulation of program parameters,
  • XY Mode allows smooth transitions between instruments, panning and effects etc.
  • Atomizer mode allows real-time splicing and looping of audio.
  • Full instrument editing and user patch creation.
  • Real time key and tempo changes.
  • Sample your own instruments using the internal microphone.
  • Import samples to create new sampler and drum kits patches.
  • Full sample loop editing.
  • Add effects such as echo, reverb, phaser and filters etc.
  • Transpose song and pattern function.
  • Full Cut, Copy and Paste of patterns and layers.
  • Fully integrated help and Guided Tour feature.
  • Record to file functionality for exporting your masterpiece.
  • Integrated 14 channel Mixer.
  • Each layer can have different note lengths (from whole to 1/64th notes).
  • Definable visual layer effects.
  • Sample Accurate Timing.
  • Fully configurable audio settings.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TheThe Love is Stronger

sometimes staying awake is better than dreaming
thank you

Friday, April 2, 2010