Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Star Melody for iphone

"Star Melody is an AUTOMATIC MELODIC SEQUENCER + VOICE RECORDER, brought to you by Amidio Inc, the developers of the iPhone's best sound synthesizer " Pro" (,

Users testimonials:

*** "Shiny! This is Bloom on steroids!" ***

*** "Sounds hypnotizing, ethereal, deeply rich and atmospheric." ***

We liked the Bloom concept but found it somewhat limited. That's why we decided to expand it as much as we could.

Now you have 5 different sample sets. Each sample set consists of 2 playable instuments and a background drone layer (generated automatically).

You can define the length and speed (bpm) of the loop. Switch between the instruments with a finger flick/tap. Change note scales and actually see which notes you are playing. Transpose scales if needed.

Star Melody features the "Raindrop Matrix", which allows accurate panning position of your instruments (left and right), and precise note launch.

Star Melody at a glance:

★ 16x11 multicolor "Raindrop Matrix"
★ Spatial sequencing
★ 13 transposable scales
★ 15 instruments (5*3)
★ Variable tempo, speed
★ Record voice along with playing
★ Built-in help

Advanced features:

★ Record, play from library
★ Export to .WAV/.CAF
★ Direct export to Intua Beatmaker
★ Built-in Wi-Fi server
★ Upload own .wav loops to ioLibrary
★ Cross-compatible with other Amidio apps
(Star Guitar, Star Piano,"

Its seems like an answer for my post on tenotion or on euphonics, gonna check this out and tell u what i think.
I like star piano and guitar because i could export audiofiles to beatmeaker,
so it feels like slowly we could built a small pocket studio without recording to the external device and then back to iphone.

Need for proper Tenori-on clone on iphone

I must say im a little bit dissapionted because of lack of such an obvious music application for iphone like a clone of Tenorion.
I mean please someone do it and do it properly, it shouldnt be so hard, should it?. Perhaps there are some legal issues about it, copyrights ?, but i dont think so...
So till now what we've got is:

-promising at the begining but forgotten or "Lost in Translations" PakSound1

I liked it and was hoping its gonna develope into the "real thing"

-and Sequence which at first (before install) gave me some hope, but then.... better not to talk about it (its some kind of drum tenorion app with useless sounds, no melodic instruments and with bugs)
and again it could be really good app!!!

At least i could have tonematix for iphone

No, what i want is a full sexy tenorion on my iphone!!!!
Do i ask for so much? ;)

ps: with a wifi-midi support

Monday, April 27, 2009


"Moon light pendant by Buzz Aldrin. Very Important Product for kids."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

when i was young i had a feeling...


iphone Euphonics more than Bloom...

I tried this app.
My impressions:
a little bit like Bloom but with more control over sound, more posibilities, and therefore less boring for longer use,
in fact it could be a good "melody and harmony" recorder...
hopefully more harmony options are still to come
good work guys
Check Euphonic and tell me what u think

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vivace Multi-Touch Portable Music Studio or Huge iphone, multitouch lemur-like Mac Book

One Person Band

"The idea of having only 1 device that combines multiple instruments, track recording, equalizer, sound editing, internet connectivity, and a touchscreen interface all into one compact package is drool worthy. The Vivace makes it all possible."

me, just waiting for iphone/lemur like multitouch mac book

We belive in u Steve...

Monday, April 20, 2009

iphone zenbound

just couldnt resist putting it here
its pure art

Iphone Mega Synth - Powerful Beast

Gentelmen I must say, respect.....
u delivered sexy, noise, glitch, analog, powerful, Beast, Blast, Machine
Mega Synth

learning simulator - ireadmusic

i tried it and found it user friendly
it works in a more natural way of normal sight reading music learning process

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hobnox Audiotool + ToneMatrix

"We have release a small update of the AudioTool and included AndrĂ©’s ToneMatrix. Some features that have been implemented in the last weeks are online as well. Removing an effect for instance will not destroy the cables. The desktop scales now without interrupting the audio output and various other performance tweaks have been made."

Check this out!!!

SRV Lenny iphone guitar by moonbuz

Steve Ray Vaughan "Lenny" on iphone Guitar by moonbuz

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Song For ...

"to see the ocean and hear the scream"
Legend of 1990

Jasuto for iphone, PC, Mac

"The iPhone app and VST versions can communicate with each other over your wi-fi network. When in this mode the app acts like a high resolution multi-touch remote controlling the VST in your host software. You can also sync patches via this method as well, giving you the ability to share them with others or just back them up…"

check this out ---> jasuto

tonematrix a la tenori-on

Andre Michelle created this wonderful virtual Tenori On, ToneMatrix.

via synthtopia



with iphone control and visual feedback - just beautiful

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

DIY Footswitch for Ableton Live

DIY Footswitch for Ableton Live looks like next thing to built in the nearest future.

or sth that is easier to make?
Get loopy with the DIY $10 Ableton Footcontroller (no soldering required)

isyn released !!! gimme some more

well well its getting serious
just wait for iphone os3 and hopefully wave export and exchenge between apps and sync for more iphones and data exchange between iphones....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Palm Art

Shadow Art

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Display test

Palm-Sound rules :)

"Thanks to Manishi Kuma for introducing me to the fantastic Moonbuz blog. I do agree that there is a need for a compositional app for the iPhone."

taken from Palm-Sound

Thanks Palsm Sound really a nice suprise for me, i read Palm-Sound almost everyday, its like a daily newspaper for me, and now i got a chance to actually be in it ;)