Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nanostudio V1.2 update - not too long to wait now

Features list:
In-app purchase to upgrade 6 to 16 instrument tracks
Configurable instruments on each track (TRG or Eden), mixer has its own track
Up to 4 sequencer tracks per instrument (up to 64 sequencer tracks in total)
Retina display support for iPod/iPhone 4
Supports launching and purchasing other audio copy/paste apps via the Sonoma compatible apps list
Sequencer track mute/solo, quantize down to 1/64, quantize event length and end as well as start, view grid without snapping
Configurable mixer with volume/pan automation and up to 3 insert effects per bus (input, send or output)
New effects include compressor, 3 band parametric EQ and Lo-Fi (bitcrush/decimate) setting added to Waveshaper
Offline processing of samples through an effects chain using the sample editor (with undo)
Better mixer VU meters and accurate clip detection algorithm for final output stage
Better 'picker' for choosing controller events in the pattern editor, note events can now be seen when editing controllers
Eden loads samples ahead of time, so preset changes are ready when they're needed
Increased instrument polyphony
Tempo/time sig available from main menu
New 'click only during record' setting
Tidied up UI
Bugfixes (more to come):
Autobeat missing during first count in
Autobeat recording notes incorrectly if received via MIDI input
MIDI file import/export improvements, time signature now correct
Sequencer relocates to next earlier whole bar when recording starts
Fixed crash when pasting sample files exported from BM2
Things that didn't make it in but not for want of trying:
Mixer - Mute/solo buttons (not enough time but also not enough room)
Sample loop points
Sample editor - Time stretch/pitch shift/autotune
Email support for MID and NSP files

Release to Apple for testing around the 12th of May.
Check the orginal full post here:

No more excuses about not setting up Reaktor with Touch OSC !


It is time to get serious with Touch OSC and MIDI

Touch OSC 1.7
First and foremost this release adds support for the much talked about CoreMIDI andLine 6 MIDI Mobilizer ways of communicating with MIDI hard- and software. Back to the future indeed. The TouchOSC Editor has been updated to version 1.5 to account for that fact, and adds a new MIDI properties panel to configure MIDI messages for controls. The default layouts have all been modified, adding MIDI messages to all controls, but if you are upgrading from a previous version, your existing layouts will not be overwritten, so you can download an updated zip file with the new versions.
All downloads here, as usual.
There’s a ton of bug-fixes and little improvements in there too, and whole parts have been re-written from the ground up as well for improved stability and speed. Sadly what didn’t make the cut is a dedicated OSC-to-MIDI bridge for windows users, but it is nearing completion so expect some news on that very soon.
But wait… There’s more!
The site has undergone a major overhaul to prepare it for its future as a much more community-friendly platform. A forum has been added and there is now the first version of a complete TouchOSC documentation available. It’s all brand-new so if you find any broken parts, please report.
Next up will be a library section for TouchOSC layouts and presets, open to all users, but I’ll report back on the status of that after some rest…

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moonbuz Blog - Belated Birthday Wishes

- Again I forgot about blog's birthday, although there are some birthday dates I wish I could forget.
- "We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it." 

- Last year was the the year of iPad.
- If i have to choose one app ever  it would be Nanostudio.

Sonoma brings MIDI copy and paste to iOS

According to Sonoma, " a MIDI SDK will be availiable in a couple of months, with all the features of the Audio version includnig a copy history, metadata and a list of compatible apps. Metadata will expand to include root key, meter, bar length and scale type in addition to the tempo, creastor app and general audio information theat we already provide" - taken from Music Tech

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Man at work

Few minutes spent with these little devices and I can go back to work. Music can save your life too.