Monday, February 15, 2010

OSC as Meta-Language by Michael Gaio

Interesting and easy to understand article about Open Sound Control by Michael Gaio on

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

iAudioInterface, iProMic

Coming soon, Studio SIx Digital will be releasing a professional-grade audio measurement and recording accessory for the iPhone and the iPod touch. iAudioInterface will allow the iPhone and iPod touch to be used for serious audio and acoustics measurements, and can also act as a stereo line in / line out audio interface. 

Also coming soon -- iProMic, if you only need a microphone, and do not need the line input and line output features of iAudioInterface.

c74 is an iPhone

c74 is an iPhone / iPod Touch app that let's you connect your device with Cycling '74's Max/MSP 5. 

2012 this is the end

"- Do you think people change?
 - By people do you mean me?"

"- Do you love him?
 -  I love him enough."

NASA - Scientists plan to approach Girl by 2018

NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl By 2018

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Building Home Alone - Iphone help for Interior Designer

5 Iphone Appz for Interior Design

1. Flashlight iPhone App - This App fills the screen of your iPhone with bright white illuminating light. I used it on a job-site last week to look behind a wall to check the position of the gas line in a kitchen renovation. I will also have it handy next time I am in a dimly lit restaurant and can't read the menu!
2. iHandy Level iPhone App - very handy for leveling pictures on the wall, checking that a table is level, etc.
3. Digital Mag iPhone App - great for magnifying those hard to read dimensions on floor plans....also works great to read small print disclaimers, menus, etc.
4. Ben Color Capture iPhone App - I love this one. You take a picture with your iPhone and it matches it up with the exact Benjamin Moore paint color.
5. MacBox Units iPhone App - Units is a really useful app for the iPhone that lets you easily convert from various units into lots of others. Units can convert Area, Currency, Energy, Temperature, Time, Length, Weight, Speed, Pressure, Power, and Volume. As an added bonus Units also has a built in ruler, for doing small, quick measurements when the need arises.
*Best of all Flashlight, IHandy, Digital Mag, Ben Color Capture, and Units are all free iPhone Apps

Friday, February 5, 2010

Symphony for iphone - a music notation app done properly

It seems that  Symphony for iphone is done properly. There are still some features that could be done better but this app is getting better and better with a new update comming in two weeks time (with more instruments to choose from).
Keep improving it and we gonna have a serious Notation tool at our disposal on iphone.
And with the new iPad comming it could turn into a must for every serious music score composer, notator

King Midas Sound - Goodbye Girl