Sunday, May 31, 2009

Innocencer synth for iphone from Japan

- it is poymophic synthesizer with visual effects application.
- It has keyboard and chord playing mode and "Air Play" (auto play mode by standard MIDI format 0 file) which is intresting but not sure how it works
-This effects and instruments concept is inspired from Inncence 3D PV filme list of development items.
-I was intrested in chord play concept which ( on the japanese site) linked me to chord geometrics
(check Chopin movie)
-chords in this mode of play are well organised in a logic harmonic relationship, its really fun to play

Innocencer from japanese site:
- things to do:
Cm-5 and non implementation of the Chord
Review of the modifier keys placed code (Now changed 2009/01/27)
Add a set of envelope functions (Completed 2009/01/19)
Modulator output to provide an envelope?
Consider the correspondence between sounds and effects and
Effects of high-volume LFO (vibrato)
Improve the sound settings screen
Ability to store sound settings
Operator selection of the algorithm
Icons, creating a start-up screen
Resource (string / message) and the Japanese
The addressee's (MIDI) files from the network load
Beta release prepared by the Ad Hoc

very very intresting indeed :)