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Monday, February 14, 2011

Details on using MS20 controller with iMS20 for iPad

"Unfortunately the MS20 doesn't include an external PSU socket so you'll need to use a powered USB hub as a bridge between the two. I'm not entirely sure why but it seems not all powered hubs are equal to the iPad (or the MS20) and it wasn't until I tried my third hub (a small Belkin unit) that the iPad recognised the controller. Actually there's a free App called MIDI Monitor that can be useful in these situations."
more info: http://chriscarterchemistrylessons.blogspot.com/2011/02/ipad-ims20-controlled-by-legacy.html

Korg iMS20 controlled by Korg Legacy MS20 hardware from Chris Carter on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I dont know about my dreams anymore... James Blake

[Listen] – New Album By James Blake – "James Blake"

CDM on midi, iPad with details

A must read

iControlMIDIDesign for iPad

iControlMIDI let you control your vintage and software synths from your iPad.iControlMIDI is Plug & Play (actually there is nothing to plug!).
In 3-clicks on your Mac or couple of clicks on your PC, you are up and running...
iControlMIDI uses your:
• iPad with WiFi connectivity
• WiFi router (like an AirPort)
• [MAC] MacOS / Utilities / AudioMIDISetup / Network (MIDI Network Sessions)
• [PC] 
rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour
iControlMIDI is designed by Electronic Musicians for Electronic Musicians.
iControlMIDI Offers
• User Friendly Synth Parameters
. Rather than having a DCO wave-shape displayed as 1, 2, 3 or 4; it is now displayed as Tri, Saw, Sqr or Pulse.
• Correct Mapping of Synth Values. MIDI works from 0 to 127, but the Detune is from -63 to +64.
• Workflow Efficient Solution. GUI Consistent Synth Functions, for example, the VCF functions are grouped on the same iControlMIDI Page making it easy to trim on the same Page filter cutoff frequency, filter envelop modulation, filter resonance, filter envelop ADSR, etc... Each Page offers up to 32 parameters. There are several Pages per synth.
• Same Values Displayed on iControlMIDI and Synth.
Whatever value is displayed on iControlMIDI will be transmitted to the synth and
is exactly the value you will see on your synth if you were to program it with its
control panel, so it makes it easy to precisely adjust a Detune between DCOs,
• Parameter Name and Value Displayed on iControlMIDI.
Each parameter “block” has its own:
• Name (ex: O2Wav): as displayed on the synth LCD, UI or User Manual
• Value (ex: Saw): as displayed on the synth LCD, UI or User Manual, dynamically changes when you use one of the 3 controls (slider, + button, - button)
• 3-Controls per Parameter on iControlMIDI.
Each parameter “block” has its own:
• + button: precise +1 parameter value adjustment
• - button: precise -1 parameter value adjustment
• Slider: full range parameter value adjustment
• Exhaustive Of All Synth Parameters. All synth parameters controllable via MIDI are implemented in iControlMIDI so you can adjust them all.
• Straightforward 3-Functions Settings Page.
On iControlMIDI Settings Page you can:
• Check your WiFi connectivity: iControlMIDI tells you if you have WiFi connectivity or not
• Set your MIDI Channel: select the MIDI channel you wish to use
• Test your MIDI and Studio setup: send a C3 MIDI note, on that MIDI channel
• DAW Integration. Any CoreMIDI [MAC] or rtpMIDI [PC] compatible DAW can benefit from iControlMIDI; a MacOS MIDI Network Session or PC rtpMIDI MIDI Session is seen as another IN and OUT MIDI logical port by your DAW
Real-time parameters adjustments triggered on iControlMIDI can be recorded and playback on your DAW.
• Mackie Control C4 TrueLayouts Compatible. iControlMIDI Page organization and MIDI CC assignment is the same as what we have done on Mackie Control C4 (http://www.mackiecontrolc4truelayoutsdesign.com/), so you won’t have to re-do a “MIDI learn” and learn a new UI on iControlMIDI.
We can easily leverage for iControlMIDI the +25 instruments portfolio for have developed on Mackie Control C4... Stay tuned...
• Bug Free Solution. iControlMIDI editors have been tested with the real physical instrument or software instrument and are guaranteed bug-free.
Zero [Mac] and Low [PC] Dependencies SolutioniControlMIDI relies on iOS 4.2 CoreMIDI and MacOS CoreMIDI frameworks is 100% MIDI, 100% iOS and 100% MacOS compatible and:
• Does not require to pay for additional software or have additional software installed on your Mac; requires to download 
rtpMIDI andApple Bonjour on your PC
• Does not require to pay for additional hardware
• Does not require to do message mapping
• Does not require to design a UI on your Mac or PC and upload/sync it on your iPad
• Does not require to design a UI on your iPad

iControlMIDI is a UI friendly and workflow efficient solution that let you control your MIDI machines and software, simply from your iPad.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gliss update for iphone, ipad

  • Now running on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!
  • Sample Sets: A new instrument, which takes a list of samples and puts them on the y axis. So instead of controlling the frequency, multiple samples can be played by one colour. This can be used to create beats and rhythms, because you can have one drum set on one colour. Currently samples are played back in full length, although they are represented only by one dot.
  • New Scheduler. Probably the most drastic change in gliss. The new scheduler is much more accurate and makes it possible to set the tempo by BPM and different types of meters.
  • Back to original sequence. With a double tap on the randomization button, you can restore the original sequence. In a similar way you can get back to a default tempo, which can be set in the preferences, by double tapping the tempo button.
  • Recording. You can now record your perfromance. Double tap on the playback mode button to start recording.
  • Sequence organisation. Tap on the sequence number and you get a table with all sequences of the project. Here you can also change the position of a sequence, duplicate or delete it.
  • Change direction but keep tempo. When you lock the tempo, you can now still change the direction.
  • Soundcloud support.
  • Upload zip files of samples.