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"It doesnt gonna go away, does it?"

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Loopseque mini for iphone/ipad

Loopseque is an incredibly simple app for creating music. With Loopseque making music is like playing a game. Create beats, switch fast between patterns and arrange compositions. You can access your music instantly and everywhere.

* Designed for fun and improvisation
* Attractive for both beginners and professionals
* Suitable for all ages

* "Big Wheel" mode for easy pattern creation
* "Wheel Matrix" mode for fast switch between patterns
* Master Class. Learn to make music in different styles
* Tap and Sync for team play
* Swing option to add motion to the beat
* Cut, Copy and Paste patterns
* Load & Save projects

* At Home: on your own, together with a friend or even with the whole family
* At a Party: it’s fun in any setting. Amuse your friends, make music together
* On a Trip: on board of a plane, in a car, or on a train
* On Stage: improvise during live performances, create new beats on the fly

* 32-step circle sequencer
* 4 channels with 9 patterns per channel
* 17 professionally-designed electonic sample sets
* 5 sample sets for kids
* 14 preinstalled basic music compositions

* Special "mini" design for best usability on iPhone & iPod Touch
* Pixel accurate desing for the exciting Retina Display

* iPhone 4 & 3GS: great performance, smooth animations
* iPhone 3G: high quality sound, but with limited animations

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PC living-room

I saw it while ago, saw it today again and had to post it...
via freshome

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TouchOSC Kong iPad template

Pulsate app for iphone by

Presenting the first iPhone app from the people who brought you is a melody making tool which allows you to use geometry to create melodies straight from your iPhone.
Pulsate is a very simple app. Its organic, chaotic functionality will keep you hypnotised for hours. You will never have the same melody twice, let Pulsate take you on a geometric adventure for just 99 cents!
Pulsate was created using a tailor-made audio engine created just for the iPhone so expect loads more sonic toys in the future!

Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight, music by Björk

Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight, music by Björk from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

will u buy iPad 2 or not?

the most reasonable features for iPad 2 on
1Support for 900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA in the 3G antenna for wider compatibility with non-US 3G networks. Since the iPhone 4 got a quad-band antenna this year, this seems guaranteed.
2. At least 512MB of RAM. It seems exceedingly odd that the original iPad shipped with only 256MB of RAM while the iPhone 4 shipped with double that amount only a few months later. With multitasking now available on the iPad in iOS 4.2, it's crucial that Apple cram as much RAM as possible into the iPad in order to preserve the user experience.
3. 128GB flash memory on the high-end iPad. 64GB doesn't quite cut it for my needs, especially at Apple's asking price. With the difference in price between the 64GB and 128GB 11" MacBook Air being a mere US$200, and with iFixit's iPad teardown showing plenty of room inside the iPad for additional memory, the only reason I can see for Apple keeping the iPad 2's topmost capacity fixed at 64GB is a desire to retain itshigh margins on the iPad. One way around that: make a 128GB capacity exclusive to the 3G version of the iPad. The iPad's 3G chipset/antenna doesn't cost anywhere close to the $130 price difference Apple charges between the Wi-Fi and 3G iPads -- in fact, the added component cost for iPad 3G is only $27according to iSuppli.
4. Display resolution increase. Retina Display quality isn't possible now (expect to see a 326 ppi, 2560 x 1920 pixel display on the iPad 5 in 2014), but 1600 x 1200 would be pretty killer. Even 1280 x 960 would be a very respectable resolution bump over the iPad's current 1024 x 768 resolution. Coincidentally, 1280 x 960 would put the iPad's horizontal resolution in portrait mode at the same 960-pixel value as the iPhone 4 Retina Display's horizontal resolution in landscape mode, which could go a long way toward simplifying creation of universal apps.
5. FaceTime camera. This one is a gimme; we've already heard multiple rumors of a front-facing camera on the iPad 2. With all varieties of MacBooks, the iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch all offering built-in FaceTime cameras, the iPad is now Apple's only high-end portable product that doesn't have FaceTime capability. Unless Apple comes up with some other awesome feature beforehand, it's likely that it'll market FaceTime capability as the iPad 2's main point of differentiation from its predecessor.
6. Rear-facing camera. Although this seems a less likely and possibly awkward feature, we've seen bothleaked iPad cases and insider sources claiming iPad 2 will have a rear-facing camera. There's plenty of room in the case for a rear-facing camera, so the primary concern here is usability and/or fashion sense -- is Apple willing to have millions of its users walking around looking like goofballs with their big ol' iPads held out in the photographer's stance?
In the poll below, you can let us know what's most important to you in the iPad 2. If there's anything else you'd like (or need) to see in the iPad 2 in order to justify a purchase, let us know in the comments.

Meet Eddie

So far he has presented strong feelings towards Bebot robot synth app ;)

Vintage Trouble "Nancy Lee" Video feat. Carmit Bachar (shot Exclusively on iPhone 4)

Alexa Goddard & Brett Domino: Fairytale Of New York

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Portastudio for iPad

TASCAM's Portastudio brings 30 years of easy-to-use home recording to your iPad. Based on the PORTA ONE recorder that revolutionized recording in 1984, the Portastudio app records up to four tracks with a vintage vibe.
Record one track at a time using the built-in mic or a headset microphone connection, monitoring on authentic VU meters. A cassette transport with position counter tracks your position while you mix with level, pan and EQ controls. When you're ready to mix, the built-in mixdown function saves your song as a CD-quality WAV file. Your mix appears in iTunes when you're finished, ready to share with friends and bandmates.
A generation of your favorite bands crafted their songs with Portastudios, now it's your turn. Start capturing your songs with the company that invented home recording using Portastudio by TASCAM.
it is dope, isnt it?

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Polychord for iPad

polychord music app for iPad from gregory Wieber on Vimeo.


"On thesixtyone, new artists make music and listeners decide what's good. We're nurturing a growing ecosystem where talented folks can sell songs and merchandise directly to their fans. Unlike a record or distribution deal where they only make $1-2 per album (if they ever get paid, that is), artists on thesixtyone make at least $7 per album and are paid every 30 days -- no wait for recoupment and no complex royalty schemes!
We're named after Highway 61, a U.S. route that runs along the Mississippi River and marks the origin of American music culture. Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and B.B. King rode the 61. Elvis grew up in the housing projects along it. Highway 61 was the road by which people left their homes to take their music to the world."

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haplome is back ! ver. 1.5 for iphone ipad

It is monome like app for iphone/ipad and runs all monome apps on Mac

haplome v1.5 from toddtreece on Vimeo.

The ultimate guide for turning your iPod Touch or iPhone into a mobile pocket studio

by chrisshattuck

What to find on his page:

  1. Summary
  2. Why this guide exists
  3. Exportability and singleness of purpose
  4. Microphone adaptors
  5. iPhone / iPod Touch microphones
  6. Bluetooth interfaces
  7. Studio shells
  8. Tripods and stabilizers
  9. MIDI inputs
  10. 1/8in guitar input (i.e. GuitarJack)
  11. Discussions about input devices
  12. Want a feature in an app? Ask for it!
  13. Multitrack recording apps
  14. Studio and sequencer apps
  15. Looping apps
  16. Learning apps
  17. Single instrument apps
  18. See also: external resources

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Black Coffie Break with Audiotool

Audiotool is the best online complete music creation tool and it is getting better and bigger with more instruments effects and audio midi sequencer.
Today while drinking coffie and playing with audiotool I was imaging having it on the iPad.

In my opinion it looks and feels like it was made for iPad. 
I dont bother going into details, you have to try it by yourself.
Sadly it is in Flash, so by now no way to fire it up from iPad. Audiotool cannot be just reproduced with Javascript or CSS.
One solution would be a dedicated Audiotool app ;) or  iOS with flash support...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Korg iMS20 - Minimal Session by modul8tor

Brian Eno 7 sessions on a milk sea in 7 days live online

New improvised compositions from Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams, filmed in Eno’s own London studio.  A unique insight into the making of Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Korg iMS-20 for iPad !

  • A complete recreation of the legendary Korg MS-20 analog synth
  • Built-in 16-step analog sequencer to control the sound
  • Music production studio with the MS-20 mono synth, a six-part drum machine, and a mixer
  • Kaoss Pad function allows intuitive performance and control
  • Publish and share your iMS-20 songs online with the SoundCloud music distribution site
  • By combining a recreation of the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer, an analog step-style sequencer, six-part drum machine, Kaoss-style performance, and a mixer to control it all, the iMS-20 will “transform your iPad into one way-cool sound studio for the modern musician – and the analog enthusiast as well!”

Practical Guide to Field Recording on

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CDM - MIDI Mobilizer

second part of hot topic midi and iphone/ipad - CDM

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USB midi on iPad

and more details via matrixsynth

Akai SynthStation with NanoStudio !!! coming soon with next update

"Everything's pretty well complete, need to do some more final testing and then it's ready to go in the next update.
When's the next update you ask? Well I want to include a couple of other things too (such as improved sample interpolation) so it's probably going to be sent to Apple early next week. Expect it to be available in the app store in approximately 3 weeks time!"

Small wonder - NanoStudio featured in Computer Music 158

Tips, tricks and walkthroughs for this amazing iPhone app in November CM 158

RAC DJ - new template for TouchOSC + Osculator + iPad

a DJ control for Ableton Live

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rytmik Rock Edition for DSI

"Rytmik Rock Edition is a pocket music station.

Rytmik Rock Edition is an application for creating rhythmical and melodic themes and for composing whole songs. Its user interface blends the fast and well-arranged interface of classic drum machines with flexible pattern interface of popular trackers and with modern sound library. It contains more than 133 carefully selected sound samples of drum set, keyboards, bass, clean, lead and rhytm guitars instruments.
With Rytmik Rock Edition you can quickly and easily create the basic building stone – an audio clip. It consists of musical notations for up to four instruments that you may transpose, select their location in the stereo field, and modify their volume, polyphony and echo. You may arbitrarily combine up to 128 such clips in four tracks and create complex pieces of music. Moreover you have a collection of 10 pre-made compositions at your disposal that you may quickly compose your own pieces from.
Rytmik Rock Edition is not only for playing with sounds; in the hands of a skilful musician it can become a serious musical instrument – surprisingly powerful pocket music station. For the best musical experience we recommend connecting headphones or quality speaker system. You’ll become the king of the Rock party in no time…

Release Date (Europe): Friday, 05 November 2010 

Release Date (Japan): TBA (later in 2010) 

Release Date (America): TBA (later in 2010) 

Platform: DSiWare 

Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points"

DJ Routine on NI Traktor Kontrol S4

NI Traktor Kontrol S4 is out from today

Friday, October 29, 2010

Amplitube 2 for iPhone - just stop moaning about price and buy it !

Yes this update is worth the money and you could  try free or lite version as well
CDM post has all datails and reasons why one should buy it

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rock Band 3 MIDI Gear dig it or not?

CDM has a good post about Rock Band 3 Keytar MSRP: $79.99

Any idea if  Rock Band 3 guitars with midi out are any good as well?
MSRP: $129.99

Yes my friends this is Fender Squier for your Xbox and for MIDI
MSRP: $149.99

And what about the other way round?

Understanding OSC in Reakor for use with Lemur or TouchOSC

Profound tutorial on OSC protocol in Reaktor for JazzMutant Lemur but also very useful for tochOSC app for iphone / ipad users

wiresq - a cellular automata sequencer for iphone

wiresq - turing complete sequencer for iphone from jonbro on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Game Boy, R2D2 Color iPhone 4 Decal

not music related but nice

Free LiveControl iphone/ipad touchOSC template from liine

Didnt know it looks so good on iphone
I tried it on my iphone - so many controls on such a little device - a serious ableton live control for free
you must have touchOSC of course.

LiveControl for the iPad/iPod from ST8 on Vimeo.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Interesting posts from iPadCreative

ipad-musicians-turn-the-page-wirelessly - Masterdaelion 

ipad band


Akai SynthStation 25 arrived

And finally I could put my hands on it
And must say playing with it feels like i have a new kind of hybird hardware synth with a proper lcd screen. Feels great.
Application of course needs some improvements ( presets saving, drum editor, changing, uploading drum samples, and first of all live recordning possibility !!! etc) but synth editor is nice, "feels like hadware" pefromance editor - good arp, and playable keyboard as well.

I' ve tried iVoxel and it also works great you can even use iphone's builtin mic to have live input.

Akai SynthStation review by Palm Sounds

Nice review by Palm Sound :

 Akai SynthStation25 1st Impressions

Now waiting inpatiently for a postman to knock to my door ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New MacBook Air with Old Hardware ?

Article about smaller lighter but still expensive MacBook Air and its 4 year old Intel Core 2 architecture

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mac Book air 11 inch and 13 inch

u know where to look for :)

iVoxel update compatible with SynthStation25

 Compatible with SynthStation25 !!!
- Improved GUI workflow
- Uses Modwheel to modulate Gender/Vibrato
- Modulate Gender/Vibrato with finger movement up/down
- Hold parameter - holds Voxel at defined moment
- Edit voxel - hear the sound while editing the hold position
- Volume increased for about 12dB
- Many bugs fixed

AG-7 PRO MIDI Guitar coming soon !

Now this are good news as I was looking for such an app recently,
already enjoyed AG-7 Midi Rythm guitar (which could do with some more options for more control and faster chord switching etc) but wanted more control or mabe operate on two iphones simutaneously with two apps?

Friday, October 15, 2010

intua audio-sharing apps list

List of application implementing the audio UIPasteboard standard  was just updated on 101010

ApplicationCompatible versionCopyPasteCompany
BassLine2.1+YESNOMarkus Waldboth
DrumTrack81.8+YESNOSimple Is Beautiful
AudioView1.1+YESYESTibor Horvath
ThumbJam1.1.0+YESYESJesse Chappell
NLog Synthesizer2.1+YESNORolf Wöhrmann
iSequence1.60+YESNOJaroslaw Jacek
Monle1.1+YESYESOchen K.
Jasuto Pro1.1.0+YESYESChristopher Wolfe
FourTrack3.1.3+YESYESSonoma Wire Works
StudioTrack1.2+YESYESSonoma Wire Works
Reforge1.16+YESYESTibor Horvath
MultiTrack DAW2.0+YESYESHarmonicdog
FunkBox Drum Machine1.3+YESNOSynthetic Bits
ELECTRIFY2.0.0+YESYESIngolf Koch Pro Synth1.4.6+YESNOAmidio Inc
bleep!BOX1.3.0+YESNODavid Wallin
iVoxel1.0+YESNOVirSyn Software Synthesizer
Mixtikl2.2.0.21+NOYESIntermorphic Limited
NanoStudio1.1+YESYESBlip Interactive Ltd