Sunday, September 26, 2010

mk72 aldrig, aldrig ensam

alltid ensam här

Jonathan Johansson - Aldrig ensam

Men den fina tunna linjen
Mellan våran värld och din
Skär igenom varje ljud
Genom varje utsträckt tanke
Varje ansats att förstå
Varje sång jag någonsin sjöng

Aldrig, aldrig ensam
Alltid ensam här
Aldrig, aldrig ensam

Jag har längtat efter våld
Efter hämd och mer förnedring
Men den stora stora rädslan
Är inte här ikväll
Och det ekar mellan husen
Ingen rörelse någonstans
Bara fina tunna ljuset
Mellan våran värld och din

Aldrig, aldrig ensam
Alltid ensam här
Aldrig, aldrig ensa

mk72 la Defence again

Mk72 in la Defence

Monday, September 13, 2010

When All Else Fails

The River

Radio Alarm for Iphone

really cool and stylish as an alarm clock with radio mp3 or custom sounds
I even started to use it in a car to listen to music ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Build your modular synth with schniedersbuero

If u live in Europe and are serious abput building and buing modular synth u must go there ( in Berlin, they offer a really professional help in choosing right modules that are going to suit your particular needs.

"You will find modern analogue synthesizers, sequencers, effects and filters,
modules and modular systems, all new stuff by selected small manufacturers only.
The product categories on the left will hopefully help you to find things you need.
We kindly recommend a little book called "stecken.schrauben.spielen" about the products we serve (and us).
For any further questions please feel free to give us a call or send an email.
Wishing you a pleasant trip thru our products we would like to
thank you in advance for your potential order ..
.. with warm regards from Berlin,
Andreas Schneider, SchneidersLaden"

I love Berlin

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vocal Beater for Iphone

Independent iPhone developer Migamo (Mike Gao Mobile), has developed a exciting new way for producers to make beats on the go: Vocal Beater allows one to beat box into their phone, then e-mail these patterns to themselves or a friend to be loaded into a beat machine like the MPC or software like Ableton Live. This magical app creates a velocity sensitive MIDI file, which you can edit after beat boxing. For producers who don’t beat box, Vocal Beater can be trained with other kinds of sounds. One can even use other sounds to create a groove, then edit each individual hit like a sequencer locked to one’s own groove.


listen to TOKiMONSTA

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CM Special: 101 Amazing Apps for mobile music

"If you fancy using your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows Mobile phone to explore new territories in composition, bring more freedom to your live shows or simply streamline your kit bag, you need our newcm Special101 amazing apps.
From gig-friendly tuners, metronomes, chord books and guitar FX pedals to synths, sequencers, grooveboxes and beat-creation tools guaranteed to get producers re-inspired, we've got it all covered. There are tutorials on the more complex apps, plus techno legend Richie Hawtin reveals why he's already adopted theiPad into his setup for the eargasmic Plastikman tour. And if you don't have a smartphone or iPad, we've got your back: we reveal how to optimise your netbook for mobile music-making too."