Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dmitry Fyodorov - Shapeless: The Drum Machine iPhone app

The drum machine, is an iphone app that works as a drum sequencer based on samples used on Dmitry Fyodorov’s album. Each track on the album has its own sample pack.
This makes it easy for anyone to create their own remixes of Dmitry Fyodorov’s dark techno hits.

Dmitry Fyodorov - Shapeless:  The Mixtape by adrianrec

TouchOSC update

Sounds good:
"TouchOSC’s current version on the iTunes App Store is a universal application that runs on all Apple handhelds!
Next up is a new version of the TouchOSC Editor that adds some much requested features:
- Horizontal editing of layouts
- Zoom
- Customizable layout grid plus snapping
As hinted earlier, this is only the first of many updates to come in hopefully rapid succession. There’s a new version of TouchOSC ready to go that adds even more of the things you have been requesting and another update to the editor to go with it. TheAndroid port is coming along nicely and will be released shortly thereafter. There’s also work being done that should make everything a lot easier on the MIDI and Windows fronts and of course there’s so many doors that the computing power the iPad brings opens, that we can’t even begin to describe what’s going on down in the labs"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing impOSCar2 hardware controller

Well this is awesome
M.Jurisch is making real what most of us dream of : 1:1 hardware controllers of soft synths!!!!
His latest impOSCar2 controller is just too good to be true :)
Gforce please pls pls
I want one

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Symphony for iPhone iPad - the best notation app with best support & updates

So Symphony for iphone, ipad is the winner - its developing, keep getting better with many updates and now redesign version for iPad:

"Just letting everyone know that we are making progress!

Symphony Pro for iPad will be far different from what you see on the iPhone. For example, we're carefully redesigning the interface. More space on the iPad means composers can reliably use a virtual keyboard to input notes, but the method of input needs to be intuitive and fast.

In addition to new modes of input, there will be more input capabilities. Input of ties, triplets, crescendos, and many other musical elements will be accommodated by the screen. Of course, the playback engine will perform with greater complexity because of more complex notation, and the playback quality will be much higher. This is especially the case with wind and string instruments.

We're also scrapping any sort of main menu. The user will look at their latest score right when Symphony launches, but if they want to start over or load a new one, then it will be quick and easy.

Besides UI controls, we are improving the UI's look and feel. This means new icons and new textures. The score will be at a much higher resolution.

Well, that's we have to say for now! We will post screens once designs becomes final."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

using iPad as a second monitor for controlling Ableton Live

Funkagenda  using ipad as touchscreen extention with Ableton Live
It can be done with a help of apps like iDisplay or Screen Recycler or VNC clients like Mocha VNC for iphone, ipad.
Nice article about it found here

DXI synth for iphone

via matrixsynth