Wednesday, May 27, 2009

icomposer - pitch to midi sequencer for iphone

"iComposer is a powerful music creating tool for iPhone. It can record what you are humming and transcribe your humming melody into music notes on five line staff. It also provide you with 130+ instruments to playback the music you wrote down.
iComposer helps you catching your music inspiration with revolutionary key features:
1. Record what you are humming and transcribe the melody to five line staff, just try your music idea with surprise!
2. Playback your masterpiece with 130+ different instruments, including piano, organ, drum set, strings, guitars, reed, brass… all in one!!
3. Edit music score with multi-touched staff editor!
4. Compose up to 8 voice parts simultaneously supported by multi-tracks editing and mixing, you can compose a symphony if you will!
iComposer also provides you with dozens of features to make your music creating a happy experience, including project-based score managements,[ exporting your music]* as midi file and compressed audio file, key signature and time signature setting and more!
Try it and write your original music anytime anywhere!
* iComposer doesn’t support to copy exported files to PC or internet for now, so if you need to grab exported files out, you have to use 3rd party file finder app to find those files and download them from iPhone."