Friday, May 15, 2009

Audioboo vs Calabarock

"Calabarock (App Store link) is a free internet-enabled multi-track audio recorder for the iPhone.
When you create a track in Calabarock, it’s available almost instantly in MP3 format on for others to hear.
The new track is also available instantly for other musicians to play on top of, just as if you were in the studio laying down one track at a time on a multi-track recorder.
If you’ve used Calabarock, leave a comment with your thoughts!
NOTE: 3G network access is great for browsing and listening to Calabarock tracks, but WiFi access is recommended (for speed purposes) when recording.

AudioBoo, the audio blogging platform and iPhone app that was launched in private beta in January, is now freely available at the App Store. It’s one of 4iP’s first investments - backing Best Before Media’s development of AudioBoo, which lets users create and tag recordings which in effect produce a map of the world tagged with evocative sounds of each place.

Knocking about the site, you can learn about White Day in Japan, listen to a German practising his guitar chords or any number of ‘boos’ that are the AudioBoo equivalent of “Testing, 1, 2, 3…” - and even those are surprisingly addictive."

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