Saturday, December 19, 2009


Christmas Carol

The Loner

To learn playing piano or to learn max for live - this is a question

Henrik Schwarz on the Schwarzonator (Max for Live) 

"getting rid of a fear of pressing buttons"
or go to school Henrik, although this patch looks very interesting (no offence)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Zombie Christmas

dont ask me if i like this year Xmas ok?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best electronic music of 2009?

First vote - Jon Hopkins - Insides
Pure Heaven
In every Bit
Liquified my Brain
Stopped it from Bleeding
So there still is a Hope.

Go, buy it for damn Xmass

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ProChords - Harmony for iPhone in your pocket

ProChords is a unique iPhone application developed to write songs with professional chord progressions, in an easy and intuitive way.
In the process of writing a song, ProChords offers an extensive variety of options as to what chord could be played next, after the sequence of chords you have already chosen during a writing process of a new song.
These suggestions are based on thousands of successful songs and may inspire you to find and choose new chords, which you wouldnt normally have thought of in a particular context.
ProChords is very useful for songwriters looking to compose songs of professional standards, without having to spend years studying music theory. But it is equally helpful for professionals who are looking for new paths and alternative ideas.
“ProChords is an application for writing chord progressions - with a little help from the world greatest songwriters.”
ProChords is loaded with more than 9000 different progression patterns extracted from the latest 50 years of rhythmic music.
These patterns are used to suggest possible movements at any given point in your song based on the previous sequence of chords.
But ProChords doesnt write your music for you. It merely suggests a huge variety of options starting with the most common alternatives.
ProChords was created to help you to new creative ideas not to do the song writing for you. Software doing all the composing for you is available elsewhere but that is really not very creative.
ProChords has been developed to inspire and it certainly does.
Be Creative Everywhere
You don’t have to sit by your instrument to work out new ideas for melodies. You can literally work anywhere. with or without headphones. And having it next to you when you are playing your instrument is an endless source of inspiration, and will definitely boost your creative ideas.

So it looks like an alternative for Harmony Improvisator plugin but for iphone

Looks pretty well, gonna play with it later an tell u what i think

Got mail about iphone version of  Harmony Improvisator plugin and they gonna think it over

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Burial analized

THIS is really great post about art & Burial
found via hyperdub on Rouge's foam

The Genius of Harmony

Explore unusual, contentful chords and harmonic ideas with Harmony Improvisator. Whether pop-music or choral – correct harmonic progression is now accessible in your VST host.

  • Improvisator comes with a rich database of chords – the systematic naming of which relates to their function in a musical context
  • Improvisator automatically obeys voicing rules; it avoids 5th parallels, voice crossings etc.
  • Improvisator provides clever harmonic suggestions for continuing a train of harmonic functions
  • Creativity is stimulated by the opening up of unlimited space for harmonic experimentation.

  • Perfect harmonic improvisation
  • Composing with the rules of classical harmonic theory – no professional knowledge required
  • Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music
  • Unique concept of harmonic pattern sequencing
  • Automatic calculation of harmonic suggestions
  • Critical time advantage for creating harmonic frames of songs, soundtracks, and arrangements.

Pls pls iphone version too ..... gonna ask them about it