Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Right Note - ear training app for iPhone iPod with special features

A note from developer : "As developer that also plays the piano I wanted a good ear trainer for my iPod Touch. The problem was that none had a good melody dictation and lacked some crucial custom settings. So I made my own which after few months turned out to be good so i decided to put it on Appstore. Now it matured to version 1.2."

The main features are:
- 3 modes

--- interval recognition (with compound ones),

--- pitch recognition,

--- melody dictation
Right Note is also unique to have a well design melody dictation mode with settings like: note scale, note range, show first note, silent answering, random note length and other. It teaches the user to identify the melody he is hearing or has in his head. This is a big step to playing by ear and improvisation.
- highly customizable 

- mic recognition (new in version 1.2) so you can play using your instrument - which makes a big difference.
To complement this, Right Note introduced microphone recognition. Thanks to this the user can answer using a live instrument for all modes. This greatly enhances ear training, giving a more natural way of playing. The algorithm can recognize a wide range of notes for different instruments. Now the user can get the "feel" of an instrument and where each note is.

- train mode to get the "feeling", hearing random intervals/notes. Thanks to this you can, for example, get the hang what "flavor" a perfect fifth has or how a C sounds no matter what octave.  
- learning as much as possible from your mistakes. Instead of just jumping to the next question after a wrong answer (as in most ear trainers) you can:
- retry until you get it right, with no fear of loosing points
- skip and show the answer
- easily compare the question with your answers + all other possible answers for reference
- when your ready move to the next question

I tested this app and must say it really does the job well, user friendly and keeps u practising. 

Made for musicans not for fun ;) 
I liked to test my skills in melody dication, and tried it with guitar and mic recognition, worked really well. 
I u like these features then go for it!

check my old post on the subject, a lot has changed i guess