Sunday, July 3, 2011

iConnectMIDI not only for iOS

from kvraudio forum:
We all know the limitations of trying to drive receptor from multiple keyboards - 

You either need to: 

1.) Use a single USB keyboard, and a Midi Keyboard 
2.) Use an external Midi-Merger and multiple Midi keyboards merged 
3.) Daisy chain multiple Midi Keyboards 

Of course [2] and [3] are faced with Midi Latency issues, and don't take advantage of self-powering (like USB). 

Now there is a new option, and it is called "iConnectMidi" 

This device was primarily intended to give USB keyboard access to 'i' devices (like iPhones and iPads), however it also works standalone. 

The important thing here is that iConnectMidi knows how to combine multiple USB sources. Specifically, you can connect 7 USB-Midi instruments to a hub (any cheap multiport hub, or even a powered hub), and downstream the hub's uplink port to the iConnectMidi, which merges the USB signals into a single (16 channel) Midi Stream. 

For my setup, I connect a single Midi cable from the iConnectMidi to the Receptor, and viola - I now have 4 USB controllers hooked up to a Receptor. 

The iConnectMidi has multiple Midi ports, so you could even use it to merge MIDI inputs from a few (non-USB) MIDI controllers as well. 

I think this might be a 'missing link' from Receptor HW that we have been waiting for.

Keybd 1 USB  >---->|--------| 
Keybd 2 USB  >---->|Powered | 
Keybd 3 USB  >---->|   USB  | >---> iConnectMidi  >----> Receptor 
Keybd 4 USB  >---->|   Hub  |   (USB In)     (Midi Out)     (Midi In) 
Keybd 5 USB  >---->|--------| 
         (USB in ports)    (USB uplink)

KVR: Receptor's new best friend ...