Monday, March 30, 2009

Best iphone app for music training

i guess the best one is Karajan, really cool music and ear training app. You train intervals, chords, scales, pitch, tempo, and key signatures.
A must have.

update : another must have if u dont fancy Krajan and want more differnet features Right Note - Ear Trainer 1.2

for learning music notation i found Flash Notes

for Rhythm training - Rhythm

What i really miss is music notation software like Sibelius for iphone
This would be the best way to train skills in writing music in old skool way
( like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven did ;)
that would be very educational....
There is one but i havent tested it yet. Its called Music Composer
If anybody tried it, let me know.

This guy is reading my mind i guess
"Idea 2

A Music Composing Application for Iphone

Unlike my first idea, this one could easily be handled by a solo developer. However, you would still want to make it very cool. ;)

I often find myself composing music on the guitar, piano, trumpet etc., but I always end up not bothering to write it down (WAY too much effort - drawing out a musical staff and writing in the notes etc.). So I thought "Hey - an appstore app with a musical staff where you could just touch each spot on the staff to create a note would make composing so easy!", and went over to the appstore to see if such an app existed. Not the case. Someone should take advantage of this.

In the main editing mode, you would want to have a toolbar on the left hand side of the screen that would allow you to select what type of note or rest (or other sign) you're creating, and edit preferences like key signature, time signature, page #s, title and author, instrument etc. You would tap on the staff where you want to place a note (or rest etc.) to create one, and you could zoom in and out by pinching. You would also be able to select # of consecutive lines (to allow for composing for anything from trumpet to organ). Once you were done creating your piece, you could save it. There would be a category in the main menu that would allow you to browse saved pieces, and you would be able to select previously done pieces and either email them to your email address in full-on music sheet format (for printing and playing etc), or you could preview the piece by pressing a play button that would play your piece through the headphones for you using pre-determined instrument noises. I cannot emphasize how useful this app would be."


plus of course ability to hear your composition in iphone with some basic instruments