Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lucky People Centre International

In case you didnt watch it
a must for each one of you if you like good music and picture

"Lucky People Center International takes us on a journey around the world, navigating by means of people's inner life. The use of music and rhythm and the pulsating form of the film are reminiscent of the aesthetic tools of music videos, and provide a fresh approach to documentary filming. The film team spent two years travelling the world looking for people and ways of living reflecting the world as it approaches the year 2000. The people we meet open different doors to belief and life-affirming vigour, and embody different stances in a world characterised by unrelenting change. Dreams, a sense of quest and critical thinking are seen to be matters of concern for all life on earth. We encounter voodoo powers, the investigative methods of a brain research scientist, Buddhism's view of death, a former porn actress and her thoughts on pleasure, a banker and his ecstatic needs, and much more, all held together by musical rhythms and the song of the gibbon."