Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Filtraton - new era in electronic music with iphone in the pocket

"Filtatron is a real-time audio effects engine and powerful studio tool coming soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The heart of the Filtatron is a finely-modeled Moog Ladder Filter, the same filter that gives Moog instruments their warm, thick character. It musically shapes the sounds supplied by the filtatron’s on-board oscillator, sampler and line/microphone input. 

Filtatron is much more than your average sound app. Its Multi-Touch Pads are an intuitive performance interface and provide hands-on control of all major sound-sculpting parameters. There is no stopping your creativity with that much control at your fingertips."

Wanna see and hear comparsion with hardware moog filter - if iphone app sounds really like hardware moog, well this would count for the begining of new era in electronic music which starts 18.10.2010 - the date filtratron gonna be avalible on iTunes