Saturday, June 6, 2009


"An interval is the gap between two notes"- That’s all the music theory you need to start learning relative pitch today!

Having a good sense of relative pitch helps you:

Play by ear and transcribe music with ease - Recognise the intervals being played.
Compose and improvise - Get the music in your head out into the world!
Understand and appreciate harmonies in music - Hear each individual note rather than just each chord.
Hear more detail and beauty in music you know and love.
… and RelativePitch is a great way to improve your relative pitch and start enjoying these benefits!


‘Training Mode’: 14 lessons to gradually teach you all the intervals in the octave.
‘Testing Mode’: To check your progress and help you distinguish intervals.
‘Custom’ setting: Adjust training and testing to target your trouble-spots.
Tests ascending, descending and harmonic intervals across two and a half octaves.
Simple interface and gradual introduction to concepts.
RelativePitch is suitable for anyone, and you’ll benefit even if you don’t play an instrument or know music theory - So let’s get started!"