Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mixur for iphone mixes photos, sounds, loops and... moods :)

is a musical entertainment application that is the first of its kind.

"Mixur is a creative toy that allows you to mix and match different sounds and images to make new music. Simply slide sections of the images left or right and the music changes. Each swipe of your finger will make a new combination.

Mixur offers great combinations for you to groove to, dance to, relax to, sing to, rap to, and play with. New sets of pictures and loops, called Mixins, are being added continually and are available for download through Mixur. The list of Mixins keeps on growing!

With the Planet Mixur feature, you can broadcast your music with the world and listen to people playing with Mixur anywhere on the planet. Your music is broadcast anonymously, but if you like, you can create a user name and be recognized for your talent!

Whether you are just killing some time waiting for the bus, or plugging your iPhone or iPod Touch into an amplifier and using Mixur as a full-on versatile instrument, Mixur is the application for you.

Anyone can successfully play with Mixur. Mixur is great for developing minds as well as keeping older souls entertained. People of all ages can have fun with Mixur and no musical experience is required, but the possibilities will keep surprising you!"