Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pocketscore - finally score notation software for iphone

"Take your scores from concept to completion faster than ever before.

pocketscore is a compact, affordable and efficient App for music students, composers, musicians or even people just wanting to learn how to write music looking to capitalise on every inspiration.

Write, tweak and hone your own scores, transcribe as well as edit existing scores or simply store all your sheet music in one place on the iPhone's/iPod touch finest music notation resource.

Getting started is simple: new scores only take seconds to set up and the tools function can be activated with a single tap.

Throughout the compositional process, watch your musical creations come to life as real-time notations on pocketccore's dynamic stave screen.

Most importantly you can export (musicXML) the created score via e-mail, and load it straight away in your favourite desktop music notation software, for more detailed refinements.

Designed with mobile music in mind, pocketscore's value belies its host of functional and effective features:

- Basic Notation capabilities.
-Real-time notation display.
- Fast setup and score composition.
- Effective tools to edit and fine-tune scores.

- Save and Export scores (musicXML)

We are currently hard at work adding the following features to pocketscore 2.0, which will available in the near future:

- Loop and playback facilities with a play-along tracker. - Undo/Redo - Cut and Paste - Multiple staves.

Hope version 2.0 with play possibility comes soon