Monday, March 30, 2009

Recording sound of the past

I always wanted to make "sound postcards"

But this one records "sounds from the environment together with a photograph.It records audio for a set amount of time (between 2 seconds to unlimited) until the photograph is captured",
so actually it records sound that was in the past and no longer exists and u record it afterwards...

Check also

10 seconds ago Pro

"Shh! Be quiet and listen to the sound of your surroundings; immerse yourself in the environment.

When you try, don’t you think your vision sometimes hinders your concentration on the sound? If so, then try this tiny app.

It delays the sound coming in via the microphone by a few seconds (You can change the delay time with a slider). This gap between the scenery you are currently looking at and the sounds you hear may give you strange feeling of passing time and you’ll find yourself a bit more conscious of the ambient sounds in our daily life."

Taken from

Audible Realities

It's a little bit in Brian Eno's way of expiriencing reality...