Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Instrumental for iPad


Launch Special!! 50% off until June 21!!

Instrumental is a Wi-Fi MIDI Virtual Control Surface

Use your iPad with your favorite MIDI software as a 4x4 Drum Pad, Wicki-Hayden Hex-Keyboard, or full-feedback mixing desk.

Like a USB piano keyboard, except all the controls have full feedback, text readouts and dynamic labels, and you're not limited to just a piano layout. The Wicki-Hayden hexagonal layout is a great way to inspire your compositions.

Important Note: Instrumental does not make any sound on its own. It connects via Wi-Fi to MIDI software running on your computer.

See the website for demonstration videos and more information, including the complete user manual.

Instrumental includes 6 highly configurable surfaces, all with plenty of configurable, labelled controls:
- a piano
- a wicki-hayden hexagonal keyboard
- a 4x4 drumpad
- a 16 channel mixer
- 2 completely generic pages for controlling random devices like equalizers, compressors and other effects.

Compatible with any MIDI software, it works best when the controls are automatically labelled by the host software by sending MIDI SYSEX messages.

Drivers for Propellerhead's Reason and Record provide control maps for every Reason and Record device, with automatic control labels that update even when you override controls on the fly!
Features include:
- modular control panels that can be swapped around quickly and easily
- all controls can have labels and text readouts provided by the host, or edited on the fly
- all controls have feedback from the host, so you know exactly where everything is set
- supports the QB Conductor Protocol for reliable low-latency MIDI over Wi-Fi. Conductor servers are available for both Mac and Windows.
- supports the Apple Network MIDI Protocol, available on every Mac.
- connect multiple iPads to the same computer; have your whole band playing through one computer.
- musical layouts with customisable response curves
- much much more!