Saturday, January 15, 2011

MIDI Voice Controller for iphone, ipad

play synths by singing into your iPhone/iPod/iPad Touch!

Voice Control is a wireless MIDI controller that converts the pitch of your voice into signals for controlling MIDI devices networked to your computer.


• Download a wireless MIDI interface such as DSMidiWifi ( and install on your computer.

• Launch Voice Control on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Connect your device’s MIDI stream to the synthesizers you want to control. For example, on a Mac use Audio MIDI Setup to connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to Garage Band or other MIDI units networked to your computer.

• Start singing. You can even harmonize with others on the same wireless network using two or more Voice Control apps.


• Select your vocal range – from bass to soprano (center picker wheel)

• Shift the pitch of converted MIDI signals up or down (right picker wheel)

• Display the note you are currently singing (left picker wheel)

• Sliders let you change the input audio level and the amount of pitch “smoothing”

• Tap “Set Up” to switch to the “Control” screen

• Control the volume and expression in real time using the x-y control pad while you sing

• Rotate the device to pan the sound left to right