Saturday, January 8, 2011

IkeOto ~Sound Arrangement~ Free from Mac App Store

Ikebana" (means "Flower Arrangement" in English) is a Japanese traditional art that express not only flowers but the formation of its surrounding field itself using flowers as it alives. This work "IkeOto -Sound Arrangement-" is a visual and sound interactive art that stays its surrounding environment's sounds and sounds given by audience in the field, and present it as quite different form. As a result, the special sound field is formed by sound instead of the flowers by leaving sounds, which disappears usually as time goes by because it doesn't have any substance.

This app is available for FREE from the newly opened Apple App Store. Its basically a simple looper with some experimental sequencing/processing fx. To get started make sure you've got your internal mic enabled and then just start making some noise!

IkeOto ~Sound Arrangement~ App Store Link