Thursday, April 28, 2011

It is time to get serious with Touch OSC and MIDI

Touch OSC 1.7
First and foremost this release adds support for the much talked about CoreMIDI andLine 6 MIDI Mobilizer ways of communicating with MIDI hard- and software. Back to the future indeed. The TouchOSC Editor has been updated to version 1.5 to account for that fact, and adds a new MIDI properties panel to configure MIDI messages for controls. The default layouts have all been modified, adding MIDI messages to all controls, but if you are upgrading from a previous version, your existing layouts will not be overwritten, so you can download an updated zip file with the new versions.
All downloads here, as usual.
There’s a ton of bug-fixes and little improvements in there too, and whole parts have been re-written from the ground up as well for improved stability and speed. Sadly what didn’t make the cut is a dedicated OSC-to-MIDI bridge for windows users, but it is nearing completion so expect some news on that very soon.
But wait… There’s more!
The site has undergone a major overhaul to prepare it for its future as a much more community-friendly platform. A forum has been added and there is now the first version of a complete TouchOSC documentation available. It’s all brand-new so if you find any broken parts, please report.
Next up will be a library section for TouchOSC layouts and presets, open to all users, but I’ll report back on the status of that after some rest…