Sunday, September 12, 2010

Build your modular synth with schniedersbuero

If u live in Europe and are serious abput building and buing modular synth u must go there ( in Berlin, they offer a really professional help in choosing right modules that are going to suit your particular needs.

"You will find modern analogue synthesizers, sequencers, effects and filters,
modules and modular systems, all new stuff by selected small manufacturers only.
The product categories on the left will hopefully help you to find things you need.
We kindly recommend a little book called "stecken.schrauben.spielen" about the products we serve (and us).
For any further questions please feel free to give us a call or send an email.
Wishing you a pleasant trip thru our products we would like to
thank you in advance for your potential order ..
.. with warm regards from Berlin,
Andreas Schneider, SchneidersLaden"