Saturday, May 15, 2010

Symphony for iPhone iPad - the best notation app with best support & updates

So Symphony for iphone, ipad is the winner - its developing, keep getting better with many updates and now redesign version for iPad:

"Just letting everyone know that we are making progress!

Symphony Pro for iPad will be far different from what you see on the iPhone. For example, we're carefully redesigning the interface. More space on the iPad means composers can reliably use a virtual keyboard to input notes, but the method of input needs to be intuitive and fast.

In addition to new modes of input, there will be more input capabilities. Input of ties, triplets, crescendos, and many other musical elements will be accommodated by the screen. Of course, the playback engine will perform with greater complexity because of more complex notation, and the playback quality will be much higher. This is especially the case with wind and string instruments.

We're also scrapping any sort of main menu. The user will look at their latest score right when Symphony launches, but if they want to start over or load a new one, then it will be quick and easy.

Besides UI controls, we are improving the UI's look and feel. This means new icons and new textures. The score will be at a much higher resolution.

Well, that's we have to say for now! We will post screens once designs becomes final."