Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Etude for iPhone and then for iPad

Etude is sheet music on steroids. Etude will quickly become an indispensable tool for adding new songs to your repertoire. Choose from hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of songs, hear and see how they should be played, and learn them yourself. 

Discover and download sheet music instantly from Etude’s in-app store, where you’ll find hundreds of well known songs (all of which are free right now). Scroll through real sheet music, hear it, and even see where to place your fingers on the keyboard as the notes scroll by at your desired speed.

* Displays authentic, beautifully-engraved sheet music reformatted for optimal viewing on your mobile device
* Graphical piano keyboard reveals which keys to press at each point
* Built-in MIDI music synthesizer lets you listen at any speed you'd like
* Customizable settings let you fine-tune how Etude shows and plays back music
* Access hundreds of songs of all genres and styles and download them instantly to your personal library to play as often as you like.
* Search or browse by composer, style, staff picks, or most popular
* All music in the store right now is FREE. In the future, we'll be working with publishers to bring you premium tracks from current artists.
* Social networking features let you share the music you're learning with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.
* View in depth metadata about music, including composer, arranger, year published, and links to further reading on sites like Wikipedia.
* Connects with the iTunes Music Store to point you at professional performances of the piece you're trying to master

Etude will cost $2.99 for a one week introductory special. After that, it will cost $9.99. 
The company also said that Etude for iPad is already in development.