Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KORG DS-10 Wiki - Japanese secrets revealed

What should u do to enjoy all Korg ds 10 tricks avaliable only under japanese sky?
1.Go to translated KORG DS-10/DS-10 PLUS@Wiki
Orginal link: KORG DS-10/DS-10 PLUS@Wiki

2.Register at http://www.nicovideo.jp/ to be able to watch video tutorials from KORG DS-10/DS-10 PLUS@Wiki
Here is the link to how to register there without knowing japanese :

3. Go again to KORG DS-10/DS-10 PLUS@Wiki and search all links and u should find a lot of useful stuff like this one

If u have any questions or found other interestnig sfuff
dont hesitate to ask or share.

As a bonus u can now enjoy nico-nico-douga
which is very popular video site and only in Japan.