Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need for proper Tenori-on clone on iphone

I must say im a little bit dissapionted because of lack of such an obvious music application for iphone like a clone of Tenorion.
I mean please someone do it and do it properly, it shouldnt be so hard, should it?. Perhaps there are some legal issues about it, copyrights ?, but i dont think so...
So till now what we've got is:

-promising at the begining but forgotten or "Lost in Translations" PakSound1

I liked it and was hoping its gonna develope into the "real thing"

-and Sequence which at first (before install) gave me some hope, but then.... better not to talk about it (its some kind of drum tenorion app with useless sounds, no melodic instruments and with bugs)
and again it could be really good app!!!

At least i could have tonematix for iphone

No, what i want is a full sexy tenorion on my iphone!!!!
Do i ask for so much? ;)

ps: with a wifi-midi support